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The Caffitaly Volta S35R capsule machine is the first Caffitaly machine to recognize the Caffitaly-R capsules. Ideal for every kitchen, office and to take with you when travelling. The capsule coffee machine has three dispensing buttons for espresso, long coffee and American coffee/tea. In addition, Volta is equipped with a capsule container for used capsules and a height-adjustable cup shelf.


Included are:


20 capsules Cremoso
10 capsules Prezioso
10 capsules Supremo
10 capsules Brazil
10 capsules Intenso
10 capsules of Corposo



operation manual
Bed Instructions_MAIA/VOLTA_S33R/S35R


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  • Technical specifications

    Technical specifications:  
    Mains voltage: 230V, 50Hz
    pump pressure 15 bars
    coffee system coffee capsules
    stand-by function Yes
    Water tank capacity 0.7 liters
    Weight:  about 3 kg
    Dimensions (W x H x D): 23.5x37x11cm
  • Highlights & Features of the Volta S35R

    Highlights & Features of the Volta S35R

    • Developed and produced in Italy
    • Three output buttons
    • filter set
    • Height-adjustable cup shelf
    • Modern design


    operation manual
    Bed Instructions_MAIA/VOLTA_S33R/S35R

  • Kapselauflistung

    Kapselvariation 1

    20 Kapseln Cremoso
    10 Kapseln Prezioso
    10 Kapseln Vigoroo
    10 Kapseln Corposo
    10 Kapseln Intenso
    10 Kapseln Crescendo

    Kapselvariation 2

    20 Kapseln Cremoso
    10 Kapseln Deca Intenso
    10 Kapseln Armonioso
    10 Kapseln Morbido
    10 Kapseln Mocaccio
    10 Kapseln Cioccolato


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