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Lemon Scented Twinings Tea

Lemon Scented Twinings Tea

8 Grams
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Lemon Scented Twinings Tea selected the best tea from the precious gardens of Sri Lanka to create this blend. The strong flavor of the tea is expertly rounded off with the vibrant aroma of ripe lemons. Lemon Scented Twinings is a tea with an intense color in the cup and an intoxicating scent. The taste is extraordinarily fresh and fruity. Appreciated at any time of the day, best natural or maybe  with the addition of sugar or honey. It is very tasty even cold.

  • Zutaten

    Schwarzer Tee (94%), Zitronengeschmack (6%).

  • Info

    Box mit 10 Kapseln

    kompatibel mit allen Caffitaly - Kapselmaschinen

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